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    Quick Attach Clamps for Tractor Forks
    Tractor Forks today come with all kinds of accessories such as high-reach pallet tractor forks, combo tractor pallet fork and bale stabber, the debris tractor forks, telescopic handler and fork spreaders

    1. Universal Quick Attach System Features
    2. Other Good Clamp Design Features
    3. Different Tractor Fork Attachments that Use the Universal Quick Attach Clamp
    4. Video

    The way your tractor forks attach will be a major factor in how much use you get from them over time. The faster and easier they are to attach, the more likely you will be to put them on or switch out your pallet forks to hay bale spears or a debris fork.

    Most tractors do not come with a universal quick attach system that allows an operator to quickly change the bucket into tractor forks. Quick attach tractor forks can be mounted on-demand to make moving loads fast and easy. The clamps attach to the front edge of the bucket. The bucket forks are then mounted into the clamps in just a few minutes.

    Clamps for Tractor Forks

    Universal Quick Attach System Features

    Quick attach clamp on bucket forks should have a "c-clamp pad" design. Look for the largest c-clamp pad you can find. The pad is on the bottom or the base of a handle that screws down onto the top of your bucket. A large pad will make a more secure fit and will not cause damage to your bucket. Some brands of clamp-on tractor forks either do not come with a pad or have a pad that is either too small or is non-swiveling which will not create a secure fit and in some cases can actually damage the bucket.

    clamp-on loader forks

    Clamp with T handle and large pad - a good design

    damaged clamp-on loader forks

    Damage caused by missing swivel pad

    A well made clamp-on tractor fork attachment will come with a sliding T handle or other type of handle that allows you to securely tighten the clamp to the bucket. The clamp should also allow you to get the tractor forks close to the sides of the bucket. Some clamp-on tractor fork designs use a welded-on handle which will not permit you to securely tighten the clamp or move it out to the sides of the bucket.

    Other Good Clamp Design Features

    clamp-on tractor fork- good design
    2x4 back stop slot

    Different Tractor Fork Attachments that Use the Universal Quick Attach Clamp

    Debris Fork

    clamp-on tractor fork attachment

    Bale Spear for Round Hay Bales

    hay bale spear

    Click here for information on square and round bale hay feeders.

    Pallet Forks

    bucket fork

    Ultra Fork

    ultra bucket fork



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